Drone Inspection

Are your internal inspections expensive due to long down times and costly scaffolding? Inspection via drone has become progressively more viable in recent years. Advances in technology has provided a much higher resolution with 4K imagery and flight times have much improved. 

Drone inspection can be used for internal and external inspections of tanks, vessels, towers, columns, piping and stacks as well as aerial photography and thermography. Additionally, specialized software allows for internal and/or external mapping. Make your internal inspections safer, faster and more cost effective. Want additional information? Go to www.flyability.com.

  • No expensive scaffold requirements
  • In many cases we can eliminate the need for confined space entry
  • Minimal advanced training is needed
  • Our inspector is the pilot and so no additional personnel are required
  • Drones can access areas where people may not be able to
Example Inspection Footage: